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Removing duplicates in the birthday calendar of ‘’


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A few months ago I encountered a problem with the contacts in Although I successfully added my LinkedIn account to my account only a few new LinkedIn contacts were synced. Most of my new LinkedIn contacts weren’t synced.

To evaluate the problem I deleted and re-attached my LinkedIn account several times. Although all existing LinkedIn contacts were synced this way, new LinkedIn contacts weren’t synced. I tried almost every solution that has been provided in several blogs and forums, but the problem persists :(

After I upgraded my Lumia to Windows Phone 8.1 the problem gets solved (currently). After this upgrade new LinkedIn contacts are synced to to contacts list of my Lumia and to the contacts list of my notebook running Windows 8.1. Although I can’t explain why the upgrade of my phone’s OS most likely solved this problem, I’m happy with this – as long as my LinkedIn contacts are synced.

But one problem still remains: due to the multiple reattachments of my LinkedIn-account to my account the birthday calendar has many duplicates. Some birthdays have 5 to 8 duplicates. Unfortunately the birthday calendar of isn’t editable in a way that would allow me to manually remove the duplicates.

But I found a fast solution:

1. Delete the current birthday calendar

Switch to the calendar view and click on the gear in the upper right corner –> Click Options


In the list of calendars click on your birthday calendar (my one is called ‘Geburtstage’ in German)


In the calendar settings click ‘Delete’


Now the current birthday calendar has been deleted.


2. Create a new Birthday calendar

Switch back to the main calendar view and click ‘New’


Select ‘Birthday Calendar


Enter a name for your new birthday calendar and choose a color.

The new birthday calendar is created and after a few minutes this new birthday calendar is also synced with all devices that are attached to your account. The birthdays of all accounts found in your contacts list are added to the new birthday calendar automatically (well, that’s expected, right?)

There is just one thing you need to know: If you have entered birthdays manually these birthdays are lost and need to be re-added to the newly created birthday calendar.

My two problems are solved: my LinkedIn contacts are synced and I was able to remove the duplicates from my birthday calendar.


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